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Sanfilippo Foundation

The Foundation

The foundation raises money for research with the aim to find a cure for this deadly disease. Clinical trials into a gene therapy, which have proven to reverse the disease in laboratory mice, is currently underway and has been funded by this charity. Other research at Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children and The University of Victoria in BC is also underway. Apart from my personal connection, I love knowing that 96% of every dollar donated to the SCRF goes directly to research. Your donation will make an impact.

Doctors are very close to finding a cure. The Linton family continues to push on to find a cure for other toddlers stricken with this terrible disease. This charity is worthy of your consideration and support. Please help the Lintons achieve their life's work and find a cure for Sanfilippo.

Learn more about this charity at www.alifeforelisa.org.