My three daughters are all quite different, but they all agree that one day they want to have more money than they have today.

My eldest daughter is a free-spirited artist who looks and dresses the part! She is happiest when she is creating, and one day if (when) she makes big money at her craft, it will be a bonus. She is careful with money because she has had to learn to fill the gaps between gig paycheques.

My middle daughter just graduated from university. She was fortunate that she had a summer job in third year, which she parlayed into a full-time permanent job. She is a dedicated careful saver and investor.

My youngest daughter is in third year university taking what she calls math, (they do not use any numbers!) She has saved almost everything she has ever earned or received since she discovered the shine on nickels, dimes and quarters. She knows that saving is just the start of financial success, and that she must invest to be successful long-term.

My daughters have completely different personalities and are at quite different stages of their young lives. However, they have similar questions about money and all plan to be financially independent.

They have told me that this common theme runs through their groups of friends. Young people want to have money, want to know what to do with their money, and want to know how to make their money, make money for them so that they can achieve financial liberty.

This website was originally going to be a collection of private notes to my daughters, but they suggested that I step it up and write a public blog instead.

And finally my heartfelt thanks to:

My lovely wife and three kids for listening to me ad nauseam about possible ideas for this site, and for spending significant time reviewing the materials and website during its development.

Elisabeth and Randall Linton and their three children Connor, Jessica and Elisa – the creators of the Sanfilippo Children’s Research Foundation. The Linton family’s courage, perseverance and selflessness are a source of energy and an inspiration to many.

Tracy Keenan, for her expert eye, professional editing and innovative marketing ideas.

Rose Oushalkas for making sure all the legal i’s were dotted and the t’s crossed.

Ed Galka for performing numerous numerical confirmations.

Mark Corker for encouraging the initial endeavour and reviewing key concepts and ideas.

And especially to Lisa Sceviour for adding her creativity to transform some pretty dull content and bring it to life online.

David Jenkins,
TheAnswerIs.ca Inc.

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