Answers to

Practical Questions

At age 65:

  • Hard-Working Harold will have $118,343! He took is modest savings of $11.40 per week or $592.40 per year and turned it into a pretty big nest egg.

  • Smart Sue will have a staggering $479,124.

  • Lucky-Lazy Luke will have $74,872: not nearly enough for a retirement nest egg.

But now let’s say Hard-Working Harold, Smart Sue and Lucky-Lazy Luke’s Current Selves decide to wait one more year to start investing. Well, at age 65:

  • Hard-Working Harold’s Future Self will be down $8,295 because he waited this one single year.

  • Smart Sue will cost her Future Self $33,587.

  • Lucky-Lazy Luke will cost his Future Self $4,898.

The Lesson

Don’t wait to invest, invest and wait!